Our Counsellors

“One of the most precious things you should always preserve in a friendship and in love is your own difference.”

John O’ Donohue

Brook Counselling is a community of humanistic counsellors practicing in Cork City.

Our aim is to support clients who are facing aspects of their life with which they are unhappy, and may wish to change.  Working from a Person Centred perspective, we seek to integrate a variety of therapeutic approaches such as to create strong healing relationships with clients, in a safe and nurturing environment.

Brook Counsellors

Pat Lyons, MA, MBA, MSc (Psych), BSc (Counselling & Psychotherapy), Dip. Counselling, Professional Cert. in CBT, MIACP Accredited

Prior to commencing his counselling practice, Pat’s career has been in business, human resource management and organisation psychology. As a therapist, he adopts a humanistic and existential approach, through which he helps clients to find meaning and hope as they face the everyday challenges of life.

Pat’s counselling expertise relates to:

Ψ Anxiety & Depression       Ψ Isolation & Lonelines

Ψ Workplace Issues              Ψ Bullying & Anger Management

Ψ Loss & Grief                        Ψ Trauma, Death, Dying & Bereavement

Ψ Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Margaret Lenihan, BSc (Counselling & Psychotherapy), BSc (Counselling & Psychotherapy), Dip. Counselling, Dip. Social Studies, MIACP Accredited

Prior to commencing her counselling career, Margaret worked in administration in a wide variety of work environments, as well as spending time at home rearing her family. Margaret’s approach to counselling is humanistic and existential. She works with clients facing many different life challenges, including:

Ψ Self-esteem issues             Ψ Relationship problems

Ψ Bullying                               Ψ Personal development

Ψ Issues of abuse                   Ψ Anxiety & Depression

Ψ Stress                                    Ψ Loss & Grief

Ψ Loneliness                           Ψ Physical illness

Andrea Mc Carthy, BA, HDE, HDGC, MSc (Psych), Dip Counselling

Before Andrea embarked on a career in counselling, she worked as a secondary school teacher.   She later qualified in Career Guidance and Occupational Psychology and has practised as an Adult Guidance Counsellor for the past seventeen years.  Andrea’s counselling approach is humanistic. She feels that healing and progress depends on the quality of the relationship between the client and the counsellor. As a counsellor, Andrea supports individuals to make sense of their lives and supports them to work through current issues, which may include:

Ψ Relationship Difficulties         Ψ Employment/Unemployment

Ψ Stress & Anxiety                        Ψ Loss & Grief

Ψ Identity                                       Ψ Learning Difficulties